Collaborative Divorce: It is possible to dissolve a marriage in a civilized way.

Ending a marriage is a devastating experience. Doris Tennant practices Collaborative Family Law, where parties and their attorneys focus on mutual problem solving to reach agreement. Avoiding the expense and emotional impact of a potentially toxic court environment helps preserve ongoing relationships with children and resolve complex financial matters efficiently. Learn more about Collaborative Divorce.

Dispute Resolution: Business or family, there are cases when you can’t agree.

Alternative forms of dispute resolution can help reach timely and fair solutions. It’s prudent to get help from an impartial party when disputes arise relating to business leadership succession or when emotions are involved—with aging parents, estate settlements or pre-nuptial agreements,. From divorce mediation and parent coordinator services to settlement counsel in business matters, we offer effective dispute resolution services. Let us help you.

Nonprofit Legal Services: Just because it’s nonprofit doesn’t mean it’s uncomplicated.

Non-profit organizations, like for-profit businesses, face legal compliance issues and business challenges. It’s critical for non-profits to have practical and expert guidance. Ellen Lubell supports a wide range of non-profit organizations and has the experience to assist your board of directors and senior management. Learn more about nonprofit legal services.

Intellectual Property: Protect what’s yours and get the most value.

From textbooks and fine art to software and video, Ellen Lubell counsels clients seeking the greatest value from materials they create. She advises on the protection of intellectual property, and negotiates licensing, marketing and distribution agreements. Publishers, authors, multimedia developers, and academic and cultural institutions rely on her to help make the most of their individual and corporate works.
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