Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Disputes do not need to be contentious, nor must they be resolved in court. Doris Tennant works with individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to resolve disputes within families, in the workplace, and between businesses. She advises clients on preserving relationships or ending them with civility, using alternative forms of dispute resolution to reach timely and fair solutions.


Doris Tennant uses mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, to aid in facilitating the resolution of business, workplace, and family disputes. In mediation, the neutral mediator helps disputing parties negotiate a satisfactory result. Parties are asked to identify interests, explore options, and achieve reasonable and realistic agreements. Topics addressed include business matters involving leadership succession, discrimination cases and other workplace disputes, and family matters including divorce and estate settlements. More »

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice, also known as Collaborative Law, is a cooperative form of dispute resolution in which both parties and their attorneys commit up front to eliminate litigation as an option and to seek an efficient, mutually agreeable settlement out of court. Agreement is reached through mutual problem-solving; cooperative and non-combative behavior is required. Doris Tennant specializes in Collaborative Family Law, in which divorcing spouses and their attorneys focus on reaching solutions that will meet the needs of the parties and the restructured family. More »

Settlement Counsel

As settlement counsel, Doris Tennant represents clients to explore resolution options for workplace, business, or family disputes and achieve settlement without further court involvement. As settlement counsel, she proceeds in a way that will encourage settlement and avoid going to trial. More »


Arbitration allows parties to resolve disputes more quickly and without the expense of going to court. Rather than a judge, an arbitrator decides the issues in a dispute. Doris Tennant has been trained as an arbitrator by the Arbitration Training Institute of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. More »

Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator may either be appointed by a court or agreed upon by parents in high conflict divorce or separation cases involving children. In this role, Doris Tennant works with both parents to achieve successful agreement on conflicts relating to their children. Issues including parenting schedules, children’s education, and conflicts involving step-families are commonly addressed using a parenting coordinator. More »

Case Evaluation

Case evaluation encourages settlement by helping parties understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. In providing case evaluation, Doris Tennant reviews the factual and legal positions of the parties and remains objective, rather than assisting the parties in their negotiations. More »

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“We are so relieved that we agreed to mediation with you. The process was constructive and really minimized the pain and damage.”

“The agreement you helped us craft is still working-parenting schedule, finances, and the rest. Ours is about the best divorce arrangement we’ve encountered, and I’m very grateful for the assistance you provided during such a terrible time in our lives.”

“We’ve done a complete turnaround in our co-parenting efforts and have had positive results in our decisions about our children for an extended period of time. Your counseling was instrumental in helping us co-parent effectively. Our son will have a much happier life.”