Ellen Lubell Blog

Ellen Lubell Blog

Just winning points may not win the game.

An email I received yesterday from a prospective client made me think about the last time I was asked by ...
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intellectual property for nonprofits

Four Reasons Nonprofits Should Be Especially Careful About Intellectual Property

If “intellectual property” only conjures up images of trade wars and monkeys taking selfies, it’s time to think again.  Intellectual ...
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Still wondering what “GDPR” stands for?

. . . or worrying that you aren’t in compliance? If so, you’re not alone. The GDPR — the European ...
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Online fundraising

Online Fundraising

Navigating the Legal Requirements An article I wrote regarding nonprofit online fundraising was recently published by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network ...
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lobbying olympics

The Lobbying Olympics

I’ve been watching the Olympics over the past few weeks, and it’s been breathtaking--literally. With each impossible snowboard flip, each ...
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nonprofit resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Non-Profit?

With the New Year approaching and many of us contemplating fitness regimes and spending moratoriums, do you think it may ...
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Can’t We Skip the Contract?

Our nonprofit wants to collaborate with another organization on an event.  We trust each other and have agreed on who’s ...
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legal potholes

Avoid legal potholes with your website launch.

Whether you’re just starting out and need to develop a website for your new nonprofit, or you’ve taken a hard ...
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intellectual property for nonprofits

Top 10 Questions Nonprofit Boards Should Ask About IP

Budgetary issues, fundraising, hiring and programmatic initiatives – these are all usual topics of discussion between nonprofit board members and ...
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nonprofit fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising is under the microscope

If you plan to fundraise in any of approximately 40 states and the District of Columbia, you are required to ...
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