Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

ipropertyWhether you have created an academic journal or training videos or you consult on new developments in computer science, your intellectual property needs to be protected and made accessible to others in a way that most benefits you or your organization. Ellen Lubell has extensive experience meeting the needs of clients in academia, publishing, and cultural institutions, as well as individual authors and artists. She strategizes with clients on protecting their intellectual property, and negotiates publishing, licensing and distribution agreements on their behalf.

Data Sharing and Privacy

The ease with which data of all kinds is currently shared presents both advantages and risks to organizations and individuals. Ellen advises clients on confidentiality agreements and the parameters of “fair use” and open source licensing, as well as infringement, illegal file-sharing, data security threats, and compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Intellectual Property Resources

A wide variety of resources are available for information about copyright, trademarks, licensing and other intellectual property issues. The U.S Copyright Office and U.S Patent & Trademark Office databases allow users to register new works and marks for protection, and to search for works and marks that have been or are being registered.

Certain alliances and organizations represent and support creators and artists who wish to share their innovations in a limited fashion while collecting royalty fees or other compensation. Creators of software and other technologies should be aware of coalitions overseeing open source computer software and laws regarding production and dissemination of technologies aimed at circumventing measures used to control access to copyrighted works. See resources relating to intellectual property.

“Ellen has handled numerous projects for us over the years. She’s responsive and her work is outstanding. Our managers and staff enjoy working with her — a testament to her personal and professional qualities.”

Evan Kaplan, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

See Intellectual Property Resources.