Nonprofit Legal Services

Managing a charity or other non-profit organization can be complex.  Whether your organization is a large educational or cultural institution or a small community service provider, you face federal and state regulatory requirements, along with the day-to-day challenges of advancing your mission.

If you are just starting up, expertise is required if you wish to establish your organization as a legal entity and obtain “501(c)(3)” tax-exempt status.  Once established, you may need ongoing advice on governance, regulatory compliance, fundraising, intellectual property, conflicts of interest, private inurement, unrelated business income, and lobbying. Ellen Lubell provides services that encompass the full lifecycle of nonprofit organizations.

Support for Boards and Management

Federal and state regulators and the media now scrutinize non-profits more than ever.  Nonprofit boards and managers have demanding and multifaceted responsibilities.  Whether facing conflicts of interest, loss of tax-exempt status, addressing information security challenges, deciding on financial compensation for executives, or considering a cause marketing campaign, legal counsel is critical. Get guidance about governance and regulatory compliance.

With years of experience as in-house counsel, Ellen Lubell offers practical guidance on policies and practices to avoid liability, preserve tax-exempt status, and assure the proper expenditure of resources.  Her general corporate expertise enables her also to assist clients in developing business strategies and negotiating transactions.

There are a great number of online resources available for guidance on governing and managing nonprofit organizations.

“Ellen is a joy to work with, but that’s a bonus. Her real value is her expertise, practicality and caring persistence. She radiates confidence as well as love for her work, and that inspires me to work just as hard as she does to resolve the project at hand. Add in that she has very high standards and what a combination!”

Tom Stites, Founder and President
Banyan Project

“We are so incredibly grateful for your help. You managed to accomplish in a week what we weren’t able to do in six months with our other attorneys, and you did it with such enthusiasm and knowledge that it was actually fun! Thanks to your advice, we’re finally on solid legal footing – and for the first time I feel like I have a good working knowledge of everything we need to do going forward. Thank you!”

Casey Woods, Executive Director
Arms with Ethics