Protection and Strategy

Protection and Strategy

Ellen has focused much of her practice on publishing—representing journals, editorial boards and publishers, as well as occasional authors and artists.   She has worked with multimedia developers on licensing, transferring and monetizing intellectual property rights.   For libraries, museums and other institutional clients seeking to preserve their collections and make them more widely accessible to the public, Ellen has expertise in digitization and licensing agreements. She has advised frequently on collaborations involving multiple institutions—for example, for creation of a library of rare African languages, for digitization of archives of historical European architectural photos, and for implementation of a program in East Asia to improve workplace compliance with labor, health, and safety laws.

Working with Consultants

Academic faculty in the social and biological sciences who serve as consultants to companies have benefited from Ellen’s legal guidance on structuring well-balanced consulting agreements that take both past and anticipated intellectual property ownership into account.  Her article, Faculty Consulting Agreements addresses the complexities of these consulting arrangements and offers insights for companies into the policies and practices of the institutions from which they draw consultants.

“I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for your wonderful work and the gracious and informed way in which you helped us. Many, many thanks. So pleased that it is done and reassured that it is done so well.”

Paul Sheftel, Founder, CyberConservatory

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